Leslie Kocher

Welcome to Healthy Best!

Leslie has a passion for healthy living and is excited to share her knowledge with others.  As a busy mother of three school-aged children, Leslie wants to instill nutritious eating habits early in their lives.  “I came to my nutrition ‘health style’ through my life’s journey.  From an overweight childhood to learning to feed my family well and navigating my parents’ illnesses, I have spent hundreds of hours researching nutrition.”  Leslie describes her gene pool as more of a “cesspool” and has used this as her motivation for pursuing nutritional excellence.

“I love to meet my clients where they are in their healthy eating path and take them where they want to be.  I help them focus on wellness, prevention, and vitality without negativity or judgment.  I am a science geek! It is rewarding to research the research and synthesize it for my clients’ understanding and action.”    – Leslie Kocher


One response to “Leslie Kocher

  1. Madeline Smith

    Hi Leslie,

    I love the blog! You did a great job. It is clean and easy to follow. Not only is it informative, but it reminds me how I should be eating better. Thank you for this!


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