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Resolution Doesn’t Mean Restriction

Hope you are all enjoying your new year!  As I write this, the kids are home for a long weekend.  Didn’t they just have one?  Lucky littles.
As these last couple of months have gone by, there has been lots of talk of resolutions, “new leaves turned over,” and no parking available at the club!  It’s so great that everyone is ready to eat well and be fit. 
One thing that I have noticed is a bit of wistfulness and distress about eating well.  Good nutrition isn’t about restriction!  It’s about the wonderful opportunity to eat lots and lots more food.  Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and all the wonderful plant based yummies can be eaten with reckless abandon.  Crowd out the nutrient deficient white and processed stuff with the wonderful rainbow of nutrient dense salads, stir-fry’s, soups, casseroles, pasta dishes, etc. 
In America, we are very fortunate to have such abundance available every day.  Trader Joe’s, Costco, Whole Foods, Jewel, and various vegetable markets are just a 5 to 15 minute drive away for most of us.  Hop in the car and head out with the goal in mind of hitting the produce aisles with joy.  Get something new!  Sick of broccoli?  Try kale.  Carrots not thrilling?  Try sweet potatoes.  Cabbage sounds less than thrilling?  Try bok choy.   Go for it!!!
Most of you know that I have been doing independent nutrition research for the last five years.  I recently was certified by the American Fitness Professionals and Associates as a nutrition and wellness counselor.  This certification helped me to organize and deepen my knowledge.  I am not a Registered Dietician which requires a masters degree and focuses on clinical and institutional expertise as well as disease management.  I am available to help regular people be well and feel excellent!


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