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Cheers for Cherries!

Cherry season is coming soon! Don’t you just love the deep sweetness of a plump cherry? It’s also pretty funny to eat them with the kids and watch them manage the pit situation.

Besides being a sure sign of summer and tasty, cherries are extremely good for you! I have selected four of the best reasons to nourish your bodies with cherries, though there are many more (high fiber, etc.).

  1. Cherries have a very high anti-oxidant content. The anthocyanins protect against free radical damage, protect DNA, activate detoxifying enzymes, and even slow the growth of human colon cancer cells.
  2. Cherries help reduce chronic (disease causing) inflammation. Studies have shown a reduction in uric acid levels and c-reactive protein levels. These are both strong indicators of inflammation.
  3. Cherries serve as a natural painkiller by inhibiting COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes.
  4. Cherries may even help you sleep! They are one of the few rich food sources of melatonin. http://www.diseaseproof.com/archives/healthy-food-eat-cherries-for-a-healthy-heart-a-good-nights-sleep-and-more.html

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