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Navigating the College Cafeteria

I had the privilege of coaching some college athletes over the summer.  They were happy with our work together, but worried about how to keep up their new healthy eating habits in the college cafeteria.  Here are my quick tips:

  1. Don’t head straight for the line! Take a breath and ask yourself, “How can I nourish myself?” This question serves you better than, “What is there to eat?”
  2. Walk around and ask what’s at the salad bar? Pasta bar? Main and side dishes? Even check the dessert bar for granola, nuts, and seeds.
  3. Use the available foods creatively to make your own meal that fuels your brain and body. Seek plants!
  4. Breakfast ideas: Oatmeal- stir in berries, nuts, cinnamon Yogurt parfait- choose Greek to punch up the protein and add fruit, berries, nuts, and cinnamon Cereal- increase the nutrient density by avoiding artificial colors and added sugars while choosing plain Cheerios or granola and adding fruit, berries, nuts, and seeds Pancakes or waffles- choose just one instead of a stack and add yogurt to the top with (you guessed it) fruit and berries
  5. Snack ideas- use a little creative thievery. Take an apple, banana, or orange to go. Bring a quart or gallon baggie and make your own trail mix using the breakfast and/or dessert bar. Pour in whole grain cereal or granola, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, a (few) pretzels for salty balance, and some (few) chocolate chips or M&M’s
  6. Lunch- again, walk around and see what is available and treat offerings like ingredients. Doing a colorful basic salad is a great choice, but you may lose interest some days. Take broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, etc. and microwave to “al dente.” Stir into ½ cup of pasta, rice, over baked potato, or quinoa (yes, they got the memo.) Add a bit of dressing and you have a nice dish! Put a bunch of veggies in a bowl and pour soup over it for phytonutrient power. Chili today? Make a taco salad and pour some chili over it for a Mexican treat. Make your own bruschetta! Pop some bread in the toaster. While you wait for toast, get tomatoes in a bowl and go for the salad herb area. Stir olive oil, garlic, basil, and a dash of Parmesan in with the tomatoes (cut them up a bit). Spread the mixture over the now complete toast- Yum!
  7. Dinner- use the same creative ideas. Use the healthy plate reference to remind yourself of proportion. Half your plate is vegetables, ¼ lean protein (fish, beans, quinoa, grilled chicken), ¼ whole grain or starchy vegetable like sweet potato, squash, beets, or baked potato (with skin).

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Go Organic?

organic farmI recently facilitated a workshop for some clients entitled “Go Organic?”  It was a joy and honor to coach the group through the organic decision making process.

Below, I have included several links to content that was helpful for our workshop and will help inform you and help you to navigate clean eating.

http://ow.ly/o1mXV   Dr. Dean Ornish speaking at the 2012 salesforce.com Dreamforce Conference (if everyone lived as he suggests we would all be happy, healthy, and I would be out of a job).

http://geneticroulettemovie.com/ GMO documentary- MD’s, researchers, scientists all connecting the dots of the havoc GMO’s are wreaking on our population. Children are extremely vulnerable.

http://www.organicconsumers.org/ Keeps entities involved in food supply on their toes.

http://mosesorganic.org/resourcedirectory.html Organic in the midwest.

http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1952313,00.html Epigenetics- great/readable article in Time Mag. about how DNA doesn’t have to be your destiny

Thank you again and bless you in your journeys!

Healthy Best!

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