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For Kids, Optimal Nutrition means Optimal Development

Feeding children well has been a hot topic amongst parents for at least the last fourteen years.  That’s when I was pregnant with my first baby and began paying keen attention to the matter.  “Back then” organic was a little known concept out of California, micronutrients were a mystery, and no one had heard of Omega-3’s.  Even so, at playgroup, school pick-up, and on the ball-field, chat often turned to nutrition.

Over the last decade,  science has supported the fact that feeding children well is essential.  Studies have shown over and over that children who eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains have the brain function to achieve academically, have the energy to perform well in sports, and the focus that allows for creativity in art and music.   Kids who eat well feel great and do their very best. 

With so much information now out on the subject, many parents need guidance.  I recommend reading Dr. William Sears’ “Family Nutrition Book” as well as “Nutrition Deficit Disorder.”  These thoroughly, yet simply, explain exactly how to keep your child’s daily nutrition optimal.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Disease Proof Your Child” is also excellent.  Web MD has a great top 10 foods list that serves as a quick reference guide.    http://children.webmd.com/child-nutrition-8/brain-foods-for-children?page=2


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