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Book Review- Pediatrician William Sears’ “Prime Time Health”

I have just reviewed a great new book by William Sears MD and his wife Martha Sears RN called Prime Time Health.  Dr. Sears is an internationally renowned pediatrician who has authored over 30 books.  He has been referred to as “America’s Pediatrician.”
Why would a pediatrician be writing about health in mid-life and healthy aging?  When Dr. Sears was 57 he battled colon cancer.  This made him determined to avoid what he calls the “three D’s” (disease, disability, and doctors) for the rest of his life.  Now at age 70, after a great deal of research and making health his hobby, Dr. Sears has the blood chemistry of a much younger person and is enjoying Prime Time Health.  The Sears’ book explains simply and clearly how to enjoy mid-life and prime time.
I’d love to share his “Nine Simple Steps” with you all!  They are the following: 

  1. Make health your hobby – It’s time to hike, bike, and go to farmer’s markets.
  2. Keep your arteries clean – Avoid “sticky stuff” with added sugars /saturated fat. Sticky in your mouth is sticky in your arteries. 
  3. MOVE!
  4. Reduce your waist –  Belly fat is a factory for disease-causing processes.
  5. Eat more seafood and less meat – Yes- more positive news about omega-3’s; give yourself an “oil-change!”
  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables – Oxidation is biological rusting that wears and tears your tissues and organs.  Oxidation is the culprit in everything from wrinkles to major diseases.  The anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables fight this process beautifully.
  7.  Take Juice Plus – After Dr. Sears’ colon cancer, his wife Martha made him start eating JP.  He read all the published research and papers, started eating it, and takes no other supplements, vitamins, or prescription drugs. 
  8. Graze on good foods – As we age, our bodies become less efficient in absorbing nutrients.  Dr. Sears even blends himself a “green drink” and sips it throughout his day.
  9. Practice the “Pills/Skills” model of health care and self-care.  Instead of asking “What can I take?”- ask “What can I DO?”

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